The highest quality dental services For you and your entire family

Do you need a new dentist?

Have you ever had a dentist that lacked personality or a bedside manner, and only saw you as dollar signs in a chair?

It should be all about you!

You’re a person. You’re paying for this. You should get a high quality, comfortable and pain-free service!

Great pricing!

Inside of Del Mar Family Dentistry

We know dentistry can be expensive, and we do our best to give you competitive pricing and accurate estimates.

For those that don’t have dental insurance, we offer an affordable Del Mar Family Dentistry Savings Plan that covers all preventative care services 100%!

Enjoy a movie.

Enjoy a movie while we work on your teeth.

Each room features 2 screens: One in front of you, and another on the ceiling.

Choose from a variety of movies.

Quality & safety.

You should be concerned about quality materials when choosing a dentist, as the materials used on your teeth are going to be there a while.

We use only high-quality, safe materials. NO MERCURY. You can relax.

A great environment.

You will feel comfortable in a warm and friendly office.  All equipment is regularly cleaned or sterilized.