Some stories of real patients

Happy Client

A Dental Nightguard Helped Kate’s Migraines

Kate suffers from migraines, and one contributing factor to that was that she had a lot of muscle tension from clenching her jaw at night. Once she started using the nightguard that Dr. Trudeau provided, that pain and tension went away almost overnight. The nightguard completely replaces Kate’s top retainer, and she can use it […]

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Before After Teeth

Case Study: Veneers & Invisalign

Here is a great case that was recently completed by Dr. Trudeau, of our patient Bill.Dr. Trudeau did anterior veneers after completion of Invisalign.He looks 10 years younger! Great job Bill!

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Filling Before After Image

Removing Silver Fillings

This patient had a problem with mercury amalgams.  So often bacteria can get underneath these and cause decay. Replacing them with modern white fillings, they seal much better and they look completely natural.

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Smile Makeover Before After Image

These aren’t sisters. This is the same person.

Here’s a smile makeover case where the results were so good, it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. Our wonderful patient Geri broke one of her teeth and together we decided it was a great time to brighten her whole smile. Dr. Trudeau reconstructed her whole smile, and she is so happy with the […]

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Smile Makeover Before After 2

Incredible Complete Before & After

We wanted to share this incredible before and after smile makeover we recently performed. Sometimes a new smile absolutely transforms someone, and this is one of those cases. Beautiful!

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Damages Tooth Before After

Video: A chipped tooth repaired

Here’s a before & after video of our patient Hailey getting a chipped anterior tooth repair by Dr. Fitzpatrick. Amazing work!

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