Replace your silver fillings with white.

Silver fillings (amalgams) are more than just ugly.

The single most requested cosmetic service at Del Mar Family Dentistry is to remove silver mercury fillings (amalgam).

While the American Dental Association says that amalgam is safe to use, we no longer use it.  In fact, half of dentists no longer use it.

Not only is it ugly, not only does it contain mercury, but as a metal it can expand and contract with temperatures – putting an enormous amount of strain on the teeth that quite often makes them crack and crumble.

Replacing these fillings is easy & safe.

Removing mercury safely is important, and not all dentists have the training to do so.  We offer you the equipment and expertise for this.

Often there are many materials available to replace your fillings, and we’ll work with you to find the materials that are best for you.

Treatments can often be done in a single visit too!

Benefits of white composite fillings:

Filling Before After Image


These fillings are color-matched, so they seamlessly blend in with your tooth color.  Even you won’t be able to tell which teeth have fillings.

They are also stain-resistant, and won’t yellow.


The materials used in modern fillings have largely been proven to be safe, and much safer than that of amalgam.


Modern fillings are made from strong materials that bond to the tooth.

No more “cold shock”.

Ever put a metal object (like a pen) in your mouth and feel a cold shock?  That’s the metal conducting with the amalgam.

Modern fillings are not made from metal, so you’ll have less sensitivity to objects and temperatures.


The immune system accepts modern fillings as if they were part of your body.  No allergic reactions.

Take the first step to improving your smile’s appearance and health with composite dental fillings!

If you are seeking safe amalgam removal and live in or around Solana Beach, CA, we invite you to call Del Mar Family Dentistry at (858) 360-3102 to request an appointment with our providers, Drs. Dale Trudeau, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Nikko Johnson, and Erik Balinghasay. We are located at 625 Valley Avenue and accept new patients and families.