Your teeth and bite should be comfortable and natural.

Call us if you have a dental emergency.

Accidents happen. When and if you’ve got a dental emergency, you should have a dentist you trust.

Most patients that come to see us for an emergency repair end up making us their primary dentists, because we take good care of them.

If you ignore dental problems, they turn into bigger, costlier problems.

If you have an uncomfortable bite, or have neglected your teeth for years and are now suffering major health issues, it’s not a question of if you will go to the dentist, it’s a question of when.

Let’s work together, get your teeth healthy, and get you back on track.

Tooth sensitivity

Before After Teeth

Do your teeth hurt when you brush or floss?
Do you have sensitivity to hot or cold food and liquids?
Do you ever have pain when you chew?

There are many causes to tooth sensitivity from old leaky fillings to receding gums. Let us help you diagnose and correct the problem. Careful assessment of the problem is needed to see if it is serious or not.

Bad breath

Do you ever notice bad breath? Halitosis is caused by bacteria. Bacteria can hide around teeth…especially old dental work, underneath the gums and on the tongue.

If halitosis is a dental problem, we’ll help you determine the gum or tongue cleaning issue. It may possibly related to a digestive problem such as acid reflux or GERD.

Worn or chipped teeth

Have you noticed wear, chipping, or thinning of the enamel on your teeth? This is usually related to a problem with your bite, or a habit such as teeth clenching or nail biting. This problem usually gets worse with time and can cause sensitivity and appearance problems.

We can definitely fix your chipped or worn teeth, but it also helps to determine the underlying cause. If the cause is addressed correctly then the problem is less likely to happen again.


Are you happy with the appearance of your smile? Have you noticed discoloration, unevenness in your smile, or misalignment of your teeth?

These problems also can get worse with time and can be signs of underlying problems. Often it is simpler to correct them early rather than waiting.

We are experts in smile design and figuring out the easiest, most conservative and cost effective way to giving you a permanent beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! From simple teeth bleaching to bonding, porcelain veneers and Invisalign, we have all the tools to give you a 5-star smile!