If you are like most of our clients, you’ll be so happy that you will bring in your immediate and extended family!

Care for all ages of life.

Think about all the stages your teeth go through in life.

Losing your baby teeth. Childhood accidents. Wisdom teeth and straightening in the teen years. Crowns and whitening in adulthood. Preventing tooth loss in the senior years.

Our name is Del Mar Family Dentistry.

Just like you want a doctor that knows you and takes care of you and and your entire family, you should have a dentist that does the same.

We specialize in helping you and your entire family across all stages of life.

Schedule your entire family for one visit.

You can save time by scheduling your entire family for multiple cleanings on the same visit!

Our facility has 6 chairs, and a multi-talented team for simultaneous treatment.


When you’re pregnant, hormonal changes can wreak havoc on your teeth.

The gums more easily become victim to gum disease, and eating habits during pregnancy can make existing problems much worse.

Remember to take care of your teeth, and come visit us.


Happy Girl

What if your kids never learned to be afraid of the dentist?  That’s what we aim for, as much as possible.

How we get there is with simple measures that help prevent big dental procedures.

For example, as soon as the adult teeth in the back come in for your kids, a sealant should be put on them.  This greatly reduces unnecessary expenses in the dentist’s chair!


For the most part, wisdom teeth don’t work well in your mouth.

They cause a host of problems – from making the rest of the teeth crooked, to becoming impacted and infected.

We can help you with a painless, anxiety-free removal.


With maturity, your teeth wear, crack and stain.

We are there to help with the crowns, veneers, and whitening that get you back to normal and help you feel more confident.


As you get older, you can experience drastic changes with your teeth and mouth: from darkened teeth, exposed roots, dry mouth, and even tooth loss.

You can avoid or reduce all of these problems with regular visits.