Del Mar Family Dentistry, Dr. Dale Trudeau

You are the focus.

Some dentists are impersonal and only see dollars in a chair.

You’re a person. You’re paying for a service. It should meet or exceed your expectations.

We listen to you. Every service is custom to you. You’ll feel your time is respected, with little to no waiting time. Experience a pain-free appointment with entertainment and music options.

Great pricing.

Fair & competitive prices. Financing available. In-house benefit plan.

Comfort. Pain-Free.

Skilled staff, sedation and medication for a pain-free experience.

Quality & Safety.

Only high quality, safe materials are used. NO MERCURY. Gentle, skilled, highly-trained staff.

A History of Trust.

In Del Mar since 1986, we’ve been awarded Best Dentist by the Del Mar Times Reader’s Choice Awards.

Beautiful, Clean & Modern Environment.

Enjoy a state-of-the-art, clean and beautiful environment.


Entertainment options that allow you to choose your favorite movie or music.

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Every service is customized for you.

Del Mar Family Dentistry cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry services aim to make your teeth look as beautiful as possible. In addition many cosmetic treatments also improve the health, strength, and function of your teeth.

Del Mar Family Dentistry restorative dentistry


Restorative dentistry aims to return your teeth to normal function after decay or an accident.

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Info for you

understanding dental insurance

Understand dental insurance

Is insurance confusing to you? No worries. Insurance IS confusing. We’ve done our best to simplify and explain the issues here. If you have no insurance, no problem! Our Del Mar Family Dentistry Savings Plan covers 100% of your preventive care services (including cleanings, x-rays and exams) in our office. Read more.

Listening to the patient, Del Mar Family Dentistry

Conquer fear & anxiety

Have fears of the dentist? You’re not alone. For most people, the fear consists of a fear of pain, an invasive feeling, or the loss of control. Others fear germs and viruses. This section all about these common fears, and how to conquer them. Read more.

Dr Trudeau’s Official Guide to Tooth Care at Home

Our guide to tooth care at home

Dentists sometimes give confusing and conflicting instructions on how to care for your teeth at home. It’s not that some of them are wrong necessarily, it’s that there are different theories and philosophies in the dental world. Here, we cut through everything and give you our take. Read more.

Del Mar Family Dentistry patient forms

Patient forms

Download and fill out our basic health history form at home. You can also view a dental materials fact sheet, and see other dentists in our referral network. Read more.

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