The highest quality dental services

For you and your entire family

Do you need a new dentist?

Have you ever had a dentist that lacked personality or a bedside manner, and only saw you as dollar signs in a chair?

It should be all about you!

You’re a person. You’re paying for this. You should get a high quality, comfortable and pain-free service!

Great pricing!

We know dentistry can be expensive, and we do our best to give you competitive pricing and accurate estimates.

For those that don’t have dental insurance, we offer an affordable Del Mar Family Dentistry Savings Plan that covers all preventative care services 100%!

Comfort & pain-free work.

If you’re afraid of the dentist, don’t be.  We are experts in pain management and sedation, and we’ve found that we can eliminate most pain, discomfort and anxiety. Nitrous oxide is available with Dr. approval.

Enjoy a movie.

Enjoy a movie while we work on your teeth.

Each room features 2 screens: One in front of you, and another on the ceiling.

Choose from a variety of movies.

Del Mar Family Dentistry operatory shows big outside window

Quality & safety.

You should be concerned about quality materials when choosing a dentist, as the materials used on your teeth are going to be there a while.

We use only high-quality, safe materials. NO MERCURY. You can relax.

A great environment.

You will feel comfortable in a warm and friendly office.  All equipment is regularly cleaned or sterilized.

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New patient?

Here’s the plan.

Here’s what you will get on your first visit.

(Of course, if you just want a general cleaning or an emergency treatment, we can do that too!)

Oral cancer check pamphlet, tools and glasses on a tray

Oral cancer exam.

We’ll check your mouth for oral cancers using Identafi technology.

Photographs & shade matching.

Photographs and shade matching of your smile, using a small, intra oral camera.

Gum, bite & jaw evaluation.

We’ll check your gum health and provide a bite and jaw/joint evaluation.

Patient with a small teeth camera in her mouth

Complete evaluation of all teeth.

We’ll look at all teeth, restorations, fillings, crowns, and check for decay and cracks that can become larger problems if not treated.

X-rays & review.

As necessary, we’ll provide you with current x-rays and review them in detail with you.

Health review.

We want to review your general health with you, and take a blood pressure reading.

Dr. Fitazpatrick points at dental x-rays on a screen

Having bite or jaw issues?

Have excessive wear on your teeth, bite or jaw problems, and want a dramatic improvement in your smile?

Considering major implant or reconstructive treatment?

Let us know so we can provide a detailed bite and jaw evaluation – with models of your teeth mounted on an articulator, detailed photographs of your teeth and smile, computer imaging or a diagnostic wax up of your proposed treatment.

Dr. Trudeau shakes a patient's hand

Meet your new dentist.

You get a one-on-one appointment with the dentist to review all of the items included in the new patient exam.

You can also talk with the dentist about your dental goals and fears, as well as your overall vision for your smile.

Included in the price of a new patient exam.

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Goals & Rewards

Isn’t that what life is all about?

Goals for your treatment

We work with you to reach these common goals:

  • Provide you with a smile that is stable, healthy, comfortable and attractive.
  • Save your natural teeth.
  • Provide you with the ability to chew well.
  • Help you establish and maintain healthy gums.
  • Support the proper position and health of your jaw joint.
Del Mar Family Dentistry, Dr. Dale Trudeau

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Your rewards

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy, attractive smile:

  • Healthy gums and teeth.
  • Fresh breath.
  • Confidence in your smile.
  • Less time and expense in corrective dentistry.
  • A mouth free of dental diseases, decay, pain or infection.