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Do you need a new dentist?

If you have a dentist that lacks personality or bedside manner, and only sees you as dollar signs in a chair, it’s time to find a new one.

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It should be all about you!

You’re a person. You’re paying for this. You should get a high quality, comfortable and pain-free service!

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Great pricing.

Save money on quality work.

We know how you feel.
Dental work can be expensive.

We do our best to give you the best possible pricing that works for you and your family’s budget – without sacrificing the quality of our work and materials.

There are almost always many options for treatment, each with pluses and minuses.  Let’s find something that works for you.

No sticker shock.

Ever been to a dentist, and you were handed a bill that far exceeded your wildest expectations?  You can’t help but feel used.

Sticker shock shouldn’t happen here, as we’ll do our best to give you an accurate quote before you get your service done.

Staying competitive.

You’ll find that our prices either meet or beat other local competitors.

A pile of $100 bills

No dental insurance?

Traditional dental insurance premiums are expensive, the insurance benefits are usually extremely limited, and paying out of pocket is not an option for most people.

That’s why we offer you our own in-house solution, the Del Mar Family Dentistry Savings Plan.

With this plan, all of your preventive care services (including cleanings, x-rays and exams) are 100% covered in our office.

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Comfort & pain-free dental work.

We’ll help you through it!

Afraid? Don’t like pain?
It’s mostly a thing of the past.

In all honesty, dentistry hasn’t always been a pleasant thing.  Most of us have a bad memory associated with the dental chair from when we children, or we simply don’t like the feeling of being not in control.

The good news is that today, pain really is a thing of the past for the most part.


When you are given a sedative, you stay awake, but you don’t feel anything and the feeling of time passes nearly immediately.

Most patients are surprised, and tell us, It’s over already?

Afraid? Have anxiety?
We can help you with that too.

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid.

That’s not a good thing, because it only makes dental problems worsen and ultimately become more expensive to fix.

We understand what you are going through, and we have many methods to help reduce or eliminate any anxiety or fear.

Natural remedies, too.

If you’re concerned about traditional sedation, we have a number of natural and homeopathic remedies, sedatives and relaxants available.


With TV’s on the ceiling, enjoy a movie while we work on your teeth.

Choose from a variety of movies. It’s like having your own private movie theater.

Noise cancelling headphones / music.

If you’re sensitive to noise or simply want another distraction, try our noise-cancelling headphones.  You can also listen to any music you like.

If you’re interested, there is also some evidence the phenomenon of Audioanalgesia may even further reduce pain, anxiety or discomfort!

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Quality & safety.

You’re in good hands.

State-of-the-art sterilization.

If you’re concerned about germs and viruses, know that everything we use is either brand new, or sterilized.

We have an entire section of the office dedicated to sterilizing equipment.

We don’t use tap water for treatments, only sterile, distilled water.

Dentistry equipment being sterilized
Del Mar Family Dentistry group photo

Highly-trained staff.

Everyone at Del Mar Family Dentistry is given continuing, ongoing education.

Dr. Trudeau is a former instructor at USC School of Dentistry, and has won many awards over his career.

High-quality materials.

Many dentists maximize their profit by getting the cheapest materials they can.

We don’t cut corners, and use the best, safest materials possible for your smile.

handheld xray machine

The latest technology.

Handheld digital x-ray machines, safe and modern.

Oral cancer screening devices for detection of disease.

Painless laser gum treatments.

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A beautiful, clean, modern environment.

Surroundings that soothe.

The lobby of Del Mar Family Dentistry


The minute you walk in you’ll find a warm and friendly atmosphere.

An operatory at Del Mar Family Dentistry


Each suite was designed for maximum cleanliness and patient comfort.

Del Mar Family Dentistry operatory shows big outside window


Comfortable chairs, big natural lighting, and a view.

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A history of trust.

We love Del Mar and Solana Beach!

I started going to Dr. Trudeau about 6 months ago after I was referred to him by a co-worker. I had been to a few different dentists within the past few years, and wasn’t completely satisfied with their work, office, staff, etc. After my first visit to Dr. Trudeau, I knew I had finally found THE one. My first visit consisted of a normal cleaning and check-up, and have since started seeing him for some cosmetic dentistry. I honestly feel that Dr. Trudeau is genuine and his main focus is to give you the perfect smile, not to sell you unnecessary treatment. I feel comfortable talking to him about any concerns I may have, and completely trust his work and judgment. I would highly recommend Dr. Trudeau to anyone!

Friendly-looking woman smiling
Lauren H.

I remember one time at Christmas having a few problems with my teeth and calling up Dr. Trudeau at home.  He didn’t seem to mind that.  He assured me that everything would be fine, and it was.

Portrait of woman smiling
Barbara W.

Dr. Trudeau has done a really good job of diagnosing some pretty serious problems with my front teeth and prevented a lot of bone damage in my mouth as a result of that.

Portrait of female smiling
Misty T.

My wife and I have both had veneers here.  Dr Trudeau’s suggestions about the color and the size and what we wanted to do were just spot on.  We’re just ecstatic with the work.

Portrait of man with nice shirt smiling
Mike W.

Dr. Trudeau and his team have been my home in dentistry for over 15 years.

They have a very fine sense of what looks good, and there’s a very detail-oriented attitude from everyone.

Portrait of man with beanie smiling
Derek P.

The practice here, the staff, and everything that I can think of is just run in an excellent manner.

Portrait of man smiling
Steve G.

One of the major attractions to this facility is the ability of Dr. Trudeau to successfully combine state-of-the-art technology with high-touch delivery.

Portrait of senior couple
Susan and Don F.

Award winner.

  • Named Best Dentist by the Del Mar Times Reader’s Choice Awards
  • Named one of San Diego’s top dentists by San Diego Magazine

Professional affiliations.

Volunteer work and community service.

  • St Leos Dental Clinic in Solana Beach
  • North County Health Services
  •, which restores the smiles of abused women
  • International dental work in Mexico, Sri Lanka and Nicaragua

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